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Managing Dynamics Beliefs
Janaki Severy and her team follow practices and principles that offer ways to help manage perception, thoughts and actions. We have observed that what a person believes often becomes true for them. The following actions are useful for creating a positive and powerful way of living responsibly.
  1. Human beings apply selective perception to all things. Select perceptions that serve your outcome.

  2. What you focus on grows: Pay attention wisely. What you select to notice is what you see.

  3. People rise to our expectation. As you pay attention to your staff: Do not ask your self what you "think you see" (Selective perception)….Ask yourself what you "want" to see!

  4. Be soft on people and hard on principle: Create compassion for the person with clear expectations.

  5. When you are given a compliment or complaint about performance, ask what the behaviors "looked like" and exactly "what others did or said". Do not accept opinions, interpretations and judgments.

  6. When a challenging situation occurs: Ask yourself, "What do I want to happen, not how do I feel". If we react, we may be true to our emotional triggers, not our desired outcome.

  7. Human beings are "meaning making machines". They need to create context out of their experience and then they label it. Select curiosity and patience before meaning. When you have high quality information you will offer respect, benefit of the doubt and options for excellence.

  8. When you feel yourself developing a very strong position, ask yourself, "Does this belief or attitude serve me or improve things? If not would it be wise to develop a more useful belief?"

  9. Your life is your movie. You wrote the script, selected the players and decided how to interpret the lines and now you live in your movie. "Does it work for you"? If not, create a different script.

  10. Consciousness is cause and thought is form: We get what we see, think and perceive. Look at your life…is it the life you want? If not, go deeper inside and become clearer about your heart's desire.

  11. Instead of being right, be curious: Remember…"You don't know what you don't know".

  12. The most powerful thing a leader can do is say, "I blew it!" Be approachable and honest.

  13. Drop your power! Drop your power! If you "can't or are afraid to", you might not be as powerful as you thought you were. Truly powerful people are not afraid to be vulnerable or open.

  14. You are what you think. You attract what you fear. Look at your life and decide if you need to change your thoughts and rethink your fears.

  15. You are a victim or hero of your life choices. That is especially true if you haven't decided to take charge and make any choices at all.

  16. You will be most able to create the life you want when you master presence, energy, intention and commitment as resources and attitudes to support you.

  17. We are most powerful when we ask the right questions and we are in awe of those who have the courage to do so. Learn to be a master of inquiry and be curious about possibilities.