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Coaching Dynamics
"I am able to control only that which I am aware of. That which I am unaware of controls me. AWARENESS empowers me."

The Oxford Dictionary states…. The verb "Coach" means to tutor, to train, to give hints to, to prime with facts or to inquire.

Coaching invites awareness and self discovery for those being coached. It is often sought for developmental growth or a performance improvement opportunity. Since development is an ongoing process, there is no right time to seek coaching. Coaching is a process that assists excellence. As a result, it is the timely awareness of the person seeking coaching or the person recommending it that starts the process.

Types of Coaching we Offer:
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Management or Supervisory Coaching
  • Performance Improvement Coaching (At all levels)
  • Re-Branding Coaching (Strategically changing how a person is seen)
  • Career Development Coaching
  • Personal Transformation and Reinvention Coaching
  • Navigating Organizational Politics Coaching
When we coach, we engage in and discover the learning system and "world" of the person, group or organization we are working with in order to improve and to positively impact performance. We respect the intention of those we support and honestly seek to understand the underlying good will and positive outcome that was intended by their actions. We believe that those we are working with have the ability to discover and implement a beneficial change in their actions and behavior. The art in coaching is to assist the person or group to discover and use that ability.

Coaching taps the existing capability of the person being coached and positively impacts the person's sense of self. The process of inquiry encourages people to find their own solutions. It also helps them to discover growth opportunities and results in improved performance and success at work.

How do we Coach?
  • Focus on future possibilities, not past mistakes
  • Elicit facts from the person being coached through asking questions
  • Demonstrate unusual awareness through focused attention
  • Operate from the belief that the person being coached wants to be self-responsible and that coaching provides the stimulus for that to happen
  • Hold the perspective that all people have the potential and the ability to change
  • Expand the capacity of the person being coached to take effective action
  • Deliver excellent results due to the supportive relationship with the coach