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Managing Dynamics Testimonials
"Janaki Severy is extremely skilled and able to enhance any work or team environment. Her ability to facilitate growth in organizational dynamics has helped me more than once. She is a great life coach as well. I recommend her and will continue to hire her for future engagements."
Nancy Richards-Marshall, CDIA, CRM, CSM, CCMP

"I hired Janaki Severy to assist me in reducing the stress of work and to increase my percentage of personal time. She was fantastic in showing me where it was necessary for me to push back in my role, accept the personal security that I have developed, and to be more fully aware of my business strengths and values."
Steve Finney, Microsoft

"Janaki Severy is an intuitive communicator who uses her uncanny listening skills and finely reasoned dialectic process to solve corporate challenges. If your business is in need of calm, thoughtful outside perspective in order to clarify corporate or individual skills or goals, Janaki Severy is an extremely powerful choice."
Tom Farmer, Solid State

"Janaki has a rare combination of gifts when it comes to her ability to teach people new ways of engaging on old problems. She brings real world examples that she has developed over many years of hands-on experiences and personalizes and targets these examples to address her customers' specific needs. Even in the most difficult or complex situations, she does this in a way that elicits personal revelations, new thinking, and breakthrough process for the organization. Janaki is a pleasure to work with, bright, articulate, and full of life."
Norm Hodne: Past Owner Realized Performance, Currently with Microsoft

"I work at T-Mobile with a small but diverse team. I hired Janaki Severy to speak with my team about DiSC, building our team strategy/vision and at the same time I asked her for an inspirational element. Janaki Severy fulfilled everything we had hoped for and more. Not only did she keep engagement with team members who typically don't like the "inspirational talks", she has them recommending that other teams use her! Janaki Severy is an expert in the DiSC and taught our team tools to build our strategy and work together better - which have really changed the dynamic of our environment. She is fun, engaging, interesting and effective in her presentations. I highly recommend Janaki Severy and I look forward to an opportunity to work with her again in the future."
Molly Akers, T-Mobile

"Janaki Severy Severy added immediate value to our organization! She is an amazing speaker; the team was drawn to her immediately. The training she gave us was one of the best trainings we have ever attended. Our organization saw immediate benefit in the concepts and practices that she brought to our team. Janaki Severy helped us achieve a higher level of self-awareness as people, and brought us together as a team - a more focused, efficient team who continues to develop and increase productivity! I would recommend Janaki Severy as a consultant, coach, and trainer. She is amazing!"
Cynthia Snyder, Microsoft

"Janaki Severy is a consummate professional consultant, executive coach, and master facilitator who is focuses on helping people and teams realize their individual talents to achieve higher levels of performance. I have worked with her as a professional coach, attended various lectures and workshops taught by her, and hired her to work with teams and the organization as a whole. Janaki Severy has a special ability to uncover the core issues to bring about outstanding results."
Mary Alida Brisk, currently at Children’s Hospital

"Janaki's abilities are second-to-none when it comes to DISC training and communications coaching. Her DISC training sessions are engaging, insightful and highly entertaining. And she provides individual insights that other trainers don't that lays a clear foundation for development opportunities. You need to experience Janaki's training abilities to truly appreciate her talents and value to your organization.
John Hughes, Principal, GrowthWave

"If you need something understood and analyzed about people performance problems - Janaki Severy is your best choice. Witty, experienced, creative are three words that come to mind. Janaki Severy is simply the best consultant I've ever hired.
Jerry Gasche, Realized Performance