Managing Dynamics
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Managing Dynamics Our Process
In order to guarantee excellent results, members of the Managing Dynamics team spend time gathering information about you and your organization. We do this so we can understand your needs and how to best meet your expectations. We find that the better we understand your organization and what your strengths and challenges are, the better we can design processes, training and coaching services to assist you to reach your desired outcomes.
  • We believe your clearly defined outcomes provide us with attainable goals
  • We learn about your culture, unwritten rules, and values
  • We learn about your underlying challenges and specific needs
  • Once we gather this information, we submit a proposal for service
Managing Dynamics Team
  • We use seasoned and talented associates who are dedicated to meet client needs
  • We are a virtual company and bring associates in as we need them
  • We are knowledgeable in principles of adult learning and training delivery
Quality Standards
  • We maintain strict quality control standards and observe confidentiality
  • We stay in contact throughout the project in order to respond to any new requirements
  • We provide suggestions for next steps and follow-up by request
  • When appropriate we use assessments to determine baseline behavior
  • This allows us to learn more about the individuals and groups we work with and support
  • We advocate pre and post assessments to measure change and growth